System of record and dealflow management for the investor.

fiifi pulls in multiple data sources and gives you a transparent view of your portfolio.

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"Every few months I tear down and rebuild my process using email and spreadsheets. Regardless of whether it's Gmail and Google Spreadsheets or Superhuman and Airtable, it’s never as efficient as I know it could be."
— Neil Devani, Early Stage Investor
"When I found out fiifi’s mission was to build tools that would help angel investors see current value of their portfolio, streamline collaboration and access pipeline, I immediately stopped working on my airtable app for portfolio management and asked when it would be ready."
— Susan Kimberlin, professional Angel Investor
"This is the first tool for angels and early stage venture investors connecting my portfolio with actionable insights and helps me be a better investor."
— Meredith Finn, Partner, March Capital

fiifi is a machine learning platform that aggregates all of your information into one location.

Allowing investors to:

  • Visualize their portfolio
  • Monitor their investments
  • Make informed decisions

Invest in what matters

Spend time making investments, not managing your portfolio

Higher Returns
Time Savings
Ease of Use

Centralized Data

Notifications via alarms and warnings
How you measure up to the ecosystem
Share & Export
LP reports, company one pagers
Avoid dilution; track and manage your pro-rata rights
Make quicker decisions about future portfolio
Finance Mgmt.
Tax advisory and financial modeling built in

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portfolio intelligence, simplified
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