Here you’ll find some of our early features, and small updates to the benefits of the app, as well as smaller additions and product iterations.

#0009 June 16th 2021

Better dilution and sharing management for investors post investment management and performance tracking  

  1. Dilution Calculator – calculation now helps convert your SAFE notes into equity notes for you when you have a follow on round or your SAFE converts to equity
    1. My Investments – Information icon next to SAFENote
  2. Share Company – Updates to “share company profiles, users can share their checklists along with company profiles. Examples, sharing deal memos, diligence notes, milestones with co-investors or LP’s
    1. Better tracking of shared profiles, users can share profiles and will be added to the profiles of who they shared with, checklists included
    2. Shared profiles now include hyperlinks to make it easier to share a company as a deal room
  3. Production Issue – Document uploader can now manage multiple document uploads at once

#0008.5 May 28th 2021

🕵️ has had some important feature enhancements.

  1. KPI Update – Email content changes
  2. Checklist – Delete feature on checklists was updated to delete entire checklist
  3. KPI – Hide manual edit of the KPI records if an update was received from a Company
  4. Document parsing enhancement Document economics, dates and data is always listed at the top of the document for quick viewing and reference.
  5. We have removed pagination on the company profile pages and implement scroll within the section so you can view all investments in one section
  6. We have made it easier to review your investment, investment economics, past rounds of funding and valuation in a combined view and have combined “My Investments” & “Rounds”
  7. Add Investment – we are now allowing fractional share ownership to populate in

#0008 May 2021


🧠  Features to check out

  • Automated KPI updatesVisualize portco’s key performance data. The most important KPIs stay top-of-mind, aligning your investments.
    • Receive custom KPIs for your portfolio. fiifi intelligently takes care of update requests, saving you time each month.
    • Monitor your portfolio with our dynamic charts & graphs to be the value-add investor you want to be.
    • Individual portfolio companies have their own profile so you can track historical data and recall key firmographics.
  • Emerging Manager & First Time Angel Program – available to:
    • Emerging managers, first time angels, and solo capitalists
    • Fund managers that have yet to do their first close or are part of an operator group
    • Investors or funds focused on underfunded sectors
    • Apply to get free or deeply discounted fiifi today


⏱️  50 second explainer video


💣  Blog Posts

#0007 April 2021

👉👉 Since launching our pro rata marketplace, we’ve had a lot of inbound interest. If you have pro rata allocation and your investment is raising, we can help you fill via an SPV


🛎️ New features

    • Checklists – like a Slack channel for deal flow, create and share deal memos, diligence checklists, and milestones. 
      • Scouts, ventures partners, analysts, and GPs can easily tag people & share their checklists with team members, LP’s, partners, and network  
      • We are also tracking allocation of shared deal flow: who you sent it to, when it was sent, and notes.
  • Slack webhooks – any company added to your fiifi diligence page can now be posted onto Slack channels – reach out to connect this feature to your workspace.


⏱️ 50 second explainer video

  • Check out fiifi checklists in our 50 second explainer video.


🎉 Upcoming

  • Automated KPI updates – receive automated updates from your portfolio in your workspace. fiifi collects KPIs from your portfolio for you and automatically updates and plots them over time in the company profile page.

#0006 March 2021


New at fiifi

  • fiifi Buy/Sell Pro rata product. This solution helps you bring other investors in to fill your pro rata allocations and provides preferential access to deal flow on privileged terms.
  • In preparation for our buy/sell marketplace, SEC regulates that our customers are accredited and pay for access. To reflect this, our prices are changing at the end of March. 
  • New features include 
    • Exit flows for acquisitions and IPO to keep track of your distributions & shares
    • GP recycling and distribution management
    • IRR calculations — adding to our current TVPI, DPI and MOIC capabilities 


☺️ 30 second explainer videos


💣 News

  • fiifi has been accepted to Venture Crush: more here on this invite-only program
  • We launched our Emerging Manager Spotlight series with Mac Conwell of RareBreed Ventures. We’ve had 779 views and counting on Medium, and had tremendous pickup on Twitter where our tweets garnered 43,300+ impressions and 780 interactions.
  • I moderated a panel at SignalFire’s Angel Summit with Docsend’s Russ Heddleston (just acquired by DropBox) and Indiegogo’s Slava Rubin on “Angel Investing as a Startup CEO.” Videos from the summit are available here

#0005 December 2020


🔥 New features

  • Lightning-fast spreadsheet uploader: With the fiifi drag-and-drop uploader, we take any spreadsheet and build your entire portfolio for you in minutes, not months.  
  • fiifi’s Connected Email: Our email system auto-forwards relevant portfolio docs like deal docs, pitch decks and tax info to your fiifi workspace. Additionally, use this unique email to receive deal-flow from scouts and team members.


😊 30-second explainer videos


✔️ Media

  • fiifi has been accepted to Venture Crush: more here on this invite-only program
  • Fireside chat with Intangible Angel a group of 240 Angel investors — video
  • How to Raise Your First Fund article 4 of 4. Dave Lambert of Right Side Capital Management spoke with us about managing your fund as a business, and his learnings to build Fund II, III and beyond. 

#0004 November 2020


🕵️ New features

LP Workspaces: Taking your LP updates beyond a PDF.

  • Find opportunities for new and follow-on investments and breakout companies 
  • Visualize portfolio status, top active, and exited companies across the portfolio
  • Graphically see capital calls, distributions, and DPI over time
  • Understand the sectors and stages your GP is investing in

ICYMI, in your inbox: Receive daily, weekly, or monthly notifications of your portfolio in the news, investment activity, and to-dos.


🕺 30-second explainer videos

Check out the newly launched fiifi blog full of articles and explainer videos, including  how to:


👣 Blog post

We spoke with Matt Blomstedt of SpringTime Ventures in article 3 of 4 on How to Raise Your First Fund about fundraising and getting to yes. 

#0003 Oct. 1st 2020


🧠 New features

Deal-flow engine: 

  • Exposing high quality deal flow based on sector, stage, and social graph, saving time and eliminating manual processes.
  • Track inbound and outbound deal flow from your network automatically.

Enhanced data:

  • Make better decisions on future investments by visualizing multiple returns across your portfolio.
  • Track monthly, quarterly or annual private company investment KPI’s.

Drag and drop dashboard: Control the layout of your charts and graphs to show what you care about most at any given point in time.

Roles access: Add teammates to your workspaces based on access level between owners, admins, managers, and collaborators.


👁️ 30-second explainer videos

Check out the newly launched fiifi blog full of articles and explainer videos, including  how to add companies and investments on fiifi. 


🧑‍💻 Blog post

We sat down with Vikram Lakhwara of Green Cow Venture Capital in article 2 of 4 on How to Raise Your First Fund to talk about developing a fund & thesis. 

#0002 Sept. 2nd 2020


✌️ New Features

Everything GP

  • You don’t have to be a finance pro to understand your fund: step by step flow to build your thesis and LP allocations – we calculate % of carry, Calls and Distributions
  • Fund management dashboard and performance exporter
  • Manage KPIs, cash in hand, and improved diligence tools


30-second explainer videos, watch them now

Track KPIs and calculated cash out dates

Quickly filter and compare Documents; pitch decks, deal memos and reports 


👋 Blog Post

We’re doing a 4-part series on how to raise a fund. It’s been one of our most highly read stories so far — take a look here.