Customised Workflows

Tracking your Fund Performance

fiifi is focused on building a simple and user-friendly investment management software. The days of manual spreadsheets, lost files and endless email chains are over.  Management information systems (MIS) and Client Resource Managers (CRM) like fiifi let you to quickly enter and track your investment, analyze your performance, manage your expense reports, and interact with your team and investors.  

This can be especially important when managing long term investments over multiple funds and multiple years.

Each VC or Private Equity fund has their own needs, processes and ways to do business. These thoughts are built into fiifi from the ground up in our investment management software. Helping you to be a better operator.

The performance information you collect helps you and your team make educated decisions about future investments. However, collecting performance metrics alone is not enough. You need to give it meaning and analyze it to make it actionable

Export & Import Deal Flow


Import data from your current system into fiifi, whether for budgeting, tracking, investing, reporting or other purposes. We can extract data from a variety of software formats

as well as from bank statements and other documents. Since we never get access to the actual data, it is safe for you to enter real data in any format for use in fiifi.

If you don’t have an existing system, import data directly from spreadsheets, or download transactions for Quicken, Quickbooks, back office managers or your CPA. 

We offer three ways to upload your investment data, manually through our system. Via downloading a template and adding in the fields to upload, or directly drag and drop your existing spreadsheet where we will reconcile the data fields and upload the document for you. The greatest part about our system is we do all of the heavy lifting, adding all of your deal economics and finding all the details about your investment like, logo, website, url, founders, investors and employees to name a few.


Export all the data in your fiifi platform to a spreadsheet for offline examination and use in other tools. Export all reports on the go directly into other applications such as Excel for additional editing and analysis. The Portfolio Insider package also has a feature where you can download your current cash position at any time including top performing companies, TVPI, DPI, cash distributed and cash on hand.