Deal Flow Access

Each fiifi pricing package includes a different level of deal flow access. With the most customized venture capital tools residing with our custom deal flow tracking in the Investment Manager plan. Where one of our relationship managers helps build your private equity decision making to your specific needs as an investor. The additional tiered packages include different levels of access to high quality deal flow. For the Portfolio Insider and Angel Pro packages we quantify the deal flow results based on your investment style. 

Screened Deal Flow

The value in having a fiifi relationship manager find customized deal flow for you one of the premier venture capital tools out there. Our RM will meet with you outlining your preferred deal flow and use our strong community of investment managers, in the private equity space to queue high quality deal flow and place the results right in your fiifi deal flow management software.


Our Portfolio Insider package or PI package includes deal flow from our proprietary sources and your social graph of co investors. Finding high quality quantified deal flow based on your preferred sector, stage and your connections. fiifi is the premier private equity deal sourcing software for your private market investments as an angel investor, solo capitalist, accelerator, incubator or venture capitalist. You can use fiifi for all of your private equity deal flow sourcing and management.


Leverage the strength of our community to bubble up the deal flow you most care about. at it’s core fiifi is a deal flow management tool. Find new deals out of our robust community of private market investors.