Deal Flow Sharing

Along with deal flow tracking and organizing fiifi makes it very easy to share deal flow with other angel investors, investment managers, co investors, scouts and others who you view and manage deal flow and make investments with. This is a powerful part of our vc portfolio management software and helps every fiifi customer stay better organized, manage their inbound and outbound deal flow and helps with portfolio management.

Share Portfolio or Diligence Companies

There are several ways you can share deal flow and is part of our wholistic deal flow management tool. Each shareable profile includes the company description, investors, founders, advisors, company url, location, sector, stage and a way to access and gain more diligence information about the company. We also link each startup profile to your account and the other accounts the startup is shared with and is one of the tools we use to help  you with portfolio investment tracking.

In addition to being able to share the deal flow we keep track of who those startup companies are shared with and give an ability to share with multiple investors at the same time. This makes your job as a fund manager or investor easier and helps with attribution. Our investment tracking software even takes this data and creates a graph so you can visualize who is responsible for finding what deal and the movement of that deal along it’s path to investment.

Custom URL's for Each Startup Company

Every startup company listed on fiifi receives a custom email address that is sharable, trackable and indexable on search engines. 

This makes it easy to share and know who you shared your deal flow with, when it was shared and track if you invested in the company or not and is part of our end to end management crm software for VC’s and Venture Capital firms.