Early Stage deals and Micro VC’s

What do the rise in median angel and seed funding mean for new startups?

  1. The sheer number of seed funds has increased 2400% to around 800 in total since 2003. The funnel for early stage has grown, but stayed the same size for series A and beyond. Funds will be looking for companies that have proven the market via paying customers in the competitive pre-seed space.

Upfront Mark Suster VC funnel vc deal flow

The age of companies receiving angel and seed funding is increasing, but the amount they are getting is higher. Early stage median deal size is increasing at the same time that Micro-VC funds are becoming more prevalent. 

Pear VC -- Deal Stage Change

What does this mean for up and coming startups? What are the results of these shifts in the ecosystem? And what changes can we expect in the future? View the full version of the blog post on Medium –Early Stage Deals and Micro VC’s

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