Email Upload

Life as a VC or investor has never been easier. Each fiifi workspace comes with a custom email address. This email is your way to capture all data and information about your portfolio and is the hub to your deal flow organization.

Auto Log Emails

Connect your personal or work email with fiifi to send and receive correspondence right in your deal flow manager. All emails from you and your team will be captured in the CRM for each startup company you are doing diligence on or is in your portfolio. This tool also automatically logs email replies and conversations about the individual company.

In addition to the connected email fiifi’s deal flow software automatically captures links and attachments and uploads them to our notification center. Allowing you to have confidence all deal documents, deal terms, pitch decks, LP documents, formation documents and your taxation information is saved in one place with our investment management software.

Team Deal Flow Email

This same custom email is also a team email address and is one that multiple users have access to and use to communicate with target investments. Give this address to scouts, investment partners and anyone who helps you find deal flow or updates documents. This is a great tool to use with your back office manager, legal counsel as well so people can effortlessly send information into the deal tracking software and private equity tool.

Your conversations in native email or in the deal flow software will be tracked and recorded, easily reply right in your native inbox or via the software. View, manage, and reply to emails in one place. Learn how to access the team email address in fiifi here.

Shareable Workspace Address

With the fiifi email extension, you can automatically log emails sent from outside of fiifi to the deal flow CRM. You can simply share the email address or start emailing with the address attached and we do the rest. fiifi is your premier fund management and deal flow tracking software for private equity.

Emails that are captured with fiifi using the BCC address or forwarding address will include the content and attachments included in the email. The logged email will automatically be associated to the portfolio company’s investment profile and its associated company records,

You can learn more about how to connect your email address here.

How to Use the BCC address

When you send an email from your mail, add the BCC address to the BCC line of the email. The email content will be automatically recorded on the startups record in fiifi.

In your fiifi account, click the three dots in the upper right corner of the workspace you want the email address for to share with your investment team.

Select Profile and on the right hand side you will see a custom url for the portfolio workspace. You can copy, paste and share this email address with colleagues, venture partners, scouts or anyone you do diligence or deal flow management with.