Emerging Manager Spotlight: Jai Malik of Countdown Capital

Key Takeaways:

  1. Don’t follow in anybody’s footsteps. Build a thesis and venture capital firm that is authentic to you, your passions, and your experience, not just what you see in the market
  2. As a VC fund manager, provide a key value add for your portfolio companies. Push your founders to grow outside their comfort zone as a mission-aligned partner for your investments as opposed to just a fund manager or venture capitalist.
  3. When building a 506(c) or rolling fund, use your network and connections to publicly advertise to potential LP investors. This will create momentum and transparency around your raise, but be sure to quickly verify investor accreditation.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jai Malik of Countdown Capital to learn about his journey in venture capital, the critical importance of machine ethics and building a 506(c) VC fund.

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Jai Malik of Countdown Capital

Jai, a product manager turned investor, wasn’t always on the VC path. In university, Jai started out majoring in business and politics. However, dissatisfied with how those disciplines were dealing with “the big questions”, he turned to philosophy.

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