Emerging Manager Spotlight: Mac Conwell of RareBreed Ventures

Rise to Fame

A software engineer by trade and was a former DOD contractor with “top-secret clearance doing a lot of cool stuff I can never talk about.” Mac spoke candidly about the highs and lows of his early career that ultimately led him to VC. He was a two-time founder with an exit and a failure before working for — and ultimately quitting — a marketing firm when they took on a client he didn’t agree with ethically. This rollercoaster, however, steered Mac to the venture capital world via the Maryland Technology Development Corporation as part of their Seed Investment Team.

McKeever “Mac” Conwell II

Although Mac broke into the VC community a number of years ago, he vaulted into the national spotlight this year on Twitter, where he’s known as “Mac the VC”(@MacConwell). Since joining in 2009, he had gathered around 2500 followers on his handle. But following the death of George Floyd in June 2020, Mac explained, his following jumped to 23k +. Twitter has been an “explosive” tool for Mac, not only for building his following, but also for finding and connecting with VCs, founders, and potential investments.

Mac pointed out a number of role models and mentors as well who have helped him along the way, including Monique WoodardCharles HudsonMarlon NicholsFrank Bonsal IIIOllen DouglassMelissa BradleyVince TalbertDavid Hall, and Neil Davis. You can find the full article on medium at theron.medium.com 

The Special Thing About Pre-Seed

Being able to see the founder at their earliest and at their rawest state, and being able to identify that one sparkling, amazing thing and being able to hit on that — there’s nothing like that

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