How to Raise Your First Fund with Green Cow Venture Capital’s Vikram Lakhwara

  1. There are about 900 micro VCs in the market representing demand for ~$20 billion in capital commitments every 2–3 years. Set yourself apart with 1) thesis-driven conviction and alignment 2) differentiated deal flow and access to founder communities, and 3) added value beyond the check.d
  2.  Right now, over 358 emerging and micro-VC managers are actively raising a new fund. Craft your thesis and fund from your passions and experiences to handhold LPs down the path you’ve walked that proves you have a unique position or lens to evaluate and invest in talent.

3. Micro VCs raise anywhere up to $100M. Model, model, model to show what you could and can deliver, and then execute.

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This series is here to help first-time and emerging managers raise their first fund. In my last article, I shared how to anchor yourself in the VC ecosystem, leverage your network and reputation, and surround yourself with a team of great people building great things.

Learn more on this and  as we interview Vikram Lakhwara from Green Cow Ventures  on the original Medium Post.

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Early Stage deals and Micro VC’s

Funding is becoming much more competitive and concentrated within fewer early stage companies.

If you do set a high valuation, consider how that affects your sales, hiring, and ability to raise the next round.

The sheer number of seed funds has increased 2400% to around 800 in total since 2003.