Raise Your First Fund, a How to With SpringTime Ventures’ Matt Blomstedt

I got into the nitty gritty of fundraising with Matt Blomstedt of SpringTime Ventures to counsel first-time and emerging fund managers.

Matt came into the venture world following 10 years in the energy sector managing over $1.4B in mergers and acquisitions.

Matt SpringTime Ventures

 After moving to Colorado in 2015 and getting immersed in the tech startup scene, he got to know several entrepreneurs, investors, and accelerators in the region.

Matt quickly identified a lack of seed capital in the area and decided to connect energy executives, private equity investors, bankers, and lawyers to early stage tech investing. In 2016, Matt founded SpringTime Ventures with his three partners — Rick Patch, Jeff Gardner, and Rich Maloy.

SpringTime Ventures has grown to seed passionate tech startup founders solving big problems in the Rocky Mountain region and beyond. Go to the full article on Medium to learn more about Matt and how he got to ‘yes’ with his first close.

This is an article in a continuation to the series, “How to Raise Your First Fund”. More on this can be found in the articles linked on the right.

Matt Blomstedt

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