Why Venture Capital Firms Invest in SaaS Management Tools

and where the missing link is for investors

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business model of SaaS lends itself well to uncertainty. Its flexibility has led to more IPOs, more revenue, and more interest in SaaS than ever.” In a post from the Forbes Communications Council, SaaS revenue in 2024 is projected to climb to $233 billion by 2022 and $369.4 billion by 2024. Spurred by the pandemic, scalable SaaS management tools that improve cost and time efficiency for businesses are in demand.

This is especially true of vertical SaaS solutions that solve specific pain points in a given sector. One analyst wrote that “COVID-19 is creating even more opportunity in the vertical SaaS space as businesses look for creative ways to deliver a better customer experience to drive revenue.”

Aaron Senneff -- CEO Pushpay
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However, even with all of the VC investments in SaaS management tools, there are very few tools for investors themselves.

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Fiifi, Portfolio Intelligence, Simplified

About fiifi

How to solo capitalists, nano and micro fund managers. Auto calculate fund distribution and calls

How to: Add LP Allocations to fiifi

Add LP allocations from your fund dashboard.

From the GP Workspace to to the Fund menu item on the left.

Select “add” to the right of LP details.

Simply add their name, capital commitment, and amount contributed to date and fiifi automatically does the calculations for you, redistributing capital across the fund.

This is ideal for fund modeling in addition to building your fund.

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